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Marta Garcia

Marta Garcia brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her work with teachers, coaches and students. Her focus is on lifting students' voices and bringing joy to the teaching and learning of mathematics. She has expertise in working with a range of learners, including multilingual learners. Marta specializes in developing professional learning that empowers teachers. Her work with lesson studies, virtual learning ,and coaching collaboratives all center on developing sustainable initiatives that position students and teachers as capable of ambitious work. 


  • Masters In Elementary Education with Advanced Coursework in Mathematics

  • Mathematics Specialist Certification 

  • National Board Certified Teacher

  • Presidential Award for Teaching of Mathematics and Science 

  • North Carolina Rankin Award for Contribution to Mathematics Teaching 

  • 35+ Years of Teaching and Coaching Mathematics

  • Adjunct Professor / Math Methods Courses and Math Leadership Masters Program 

  • Equity Focused Work with Math Curriculum and Teacher Leadership 


Polly Wagner

Polly Wagner specializes in K-8 mathematics, supporting schools, administrators and teachers to think strategically about improving the mathematics teaching and learning in their district. She works with all adults to delve deeply into the mathematics content they teach, listen to students’ ideas in such a way as to see their brilliance and to believe in every student.  She specializes in equitable mathematics teaching practices, investigating students’ algebraic reasoning, videotaping students’ mathematics conversations, online coaching and leading collegial visits. She believes schools are not just places where children come to learn but where adults learn too.


  • Masters in Elementary Education with Advanced Coursework in Mathematics

  • Consultant to Teaching to the Big Ideas project through EDC, Mount Holyoke and TERC

  • Designed Course Work Focused on Mathematics and Special Education

  • Liaison for families and school mathematics

  • Adjunct professor at Mount Holyoke College, Antioch University and Boston College

  • Professional Work Focuses on the Intersection of Mathematics, Variability and Equity 

  • 35+ Years of Teaching and Coaching Mathematics

  • Consultant to Cultivating a Math Coaching Practice: A Guide for K-8 Math Educators


Marta has led professional development for our district’s instructional coaches. She evaluates current needs and develops book talks, learning sessions and on site applications. Marta is highly respected by her peers. She has so many strengths, but one that stands out, from my observations, is her ability to motivate adult learners and instill in them the importance of being lifetime learners.

Elementary Curriculum Director

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