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Synchronous Courses


We are offer a variety of  synchronous courses held online via Zoom.

Each course focuses on different, important aspects of coaching.

Marta and Polly will engage you in unpacking your own coaching identity and

in developing strategies that will impact your effectiveness as a coach.

You can enroll as an individual or join with a group of colleagues.

Our work together will include developing, enacting and reflecting on coaching moves.

Two Mini Courses
Spring 2024

During these highly interactive sessions, participants will investigate mathematics related to K-8 classroom settings, engage in discussions of coaching cases, and explore the following essential pedagogical issues:


  • Keeping students at the center of the work - seeing the brilliance in all students,

  • Focusing attention on humanizing the experience of learning mathematics,

  • Doing mathematics together, 

  • Identifying important mathematics for students to engage in,

  • Cultivating relationships based on mathematics teaching and learning with the full range of teacher-colleagues,

  • Developing curiosity, courage and resilience, 

  • Planning for and facilitating mathematics discussions in teacher meetings,

  • Preparing for and conducting classroom visits,

  • Framing the connection between coach and teacher goals,

  • Refining and reflecting on an effective and productive mathematics coaching practice,

  • Prioritizing coaching for equity.

What You Can Expect

  • Professional Development Hours

  • Time to collaborate and learn with other coaches

  • Access to professional resources 

  • Analysis and solutions to dilemmas

  • Topics to be included: 

    • Coaching Cycles, 

    • Working with Leadership Teams, 

    • Coaching Teams, 

    • Developing Professional Development Structures, 

    • Building on Teachers' Strengths, 

    • Focusing on Mathematics, 

    • Creating Equity and Access.​

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