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What's Happening?
Our Current Work and Our Current Learning 

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CClick on the image to view the video! 

Interested in learning more about Multilingual Learners in Math Class? Check out this interview with Marta and her colleague Mike! 

#ElemMath Chat

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NCTM Seattle

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Marta served on the Program Committee for this amazing conferenece that focused on Belonging in Mathematics. Check out some of these educators that were on our Keynote Panel! 

Cathery Yeh

Pam Seda

Abel Maestas

Hanna Elmi

Runninghorse Livingston

Filberto Barajas-Lopez

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New Work! 

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Check out this blog entry that Marta wrote with her colleague Annie. This blog is part of an ongoing project focused on equitable mathematics classrooms.

Teachers' working conditions are students' learning conditions. 

We welcome the opportunity to learn with you! 

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              Marta's Current Read 

I just started this book and I have so many new connections and ideas to think about as I continue on my journey to be better understand culturally responsive mathematics. This quote from the book should motivate you to get this book on your reading pile. " We propose re-envisioning mathematics classrooms to be places that embrace children as whole human beings, in light of who they are in their families and communities outside of school and nurturing that humanity in and through mathematical instruction. " Page 5 

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On Marta's  "To Read  Pile ! 

Can't wait to get to this one. After reading, Horn's book Strength in Numbers, I quickly purchased this book and put it on my pile. 

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Finished and Sharing! 

I read this book with a group of colleagues. The authors have offered the reader many actionable steps that will increase access for multilingual learners. I enjoyed listening to this podcast ( Sum of It All- Season 7) after reading each chapter. 

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Polly's Current Read

I reread this book every year.  The ideas always cause me to feel reaffirmed and inspire me to do better.  Every sentence is jam-packed with important ideas about what an equitable mathematics classroom can be and how to go about it.  She sites research, uses vignettes, has charts and quotes from prominent math educators and thinkers.  Her ideas are visionary and should be the least we do.  

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On Polly's  " To Read Pile!"

After reading, Safir's book Street Data,  I am looking forward to digging into the ideas about equity and leadership.

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Finished and Sharing! 

 We have been reading this amazingly inviting book full of  " do now" coaching moves! The author of this book  collaborated with us in our December PLN this year. Go to our PLN page to sign up to see the recording of the session.

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