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We believe schools are places where

both children and adults come to learn.

Transform your math coaching program

Our work is grounded in the belief that equitable mathematics teaching and learning empowers teachers, students and the community.

Leadership and Administrative  Teams

Are you looking for professional learning opportunities for your coaches or

lead teachers?

We offer: 

  • Strategic planning with your team and your coaches,

  • Development of and support in creating robust Math Improvement plans,

  • Professional Learning tailored to the needs of your coaches,

  • Onsite or Online mentoring and designing of professional learning for your school including Lesson Studies, Math Studios, One on One Coaching and more.

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Coaches and

Lead Teachers

Are you looking for personalized coaching support to energize and impact your coaching practice?

We offer:

  • ​Collaborative Coaching Groups,

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Courses on specific elements of your coaching practice,

  • Onsite or Online Mentoring of Coaches including "Coaching the Coach" Cycles,

  • Work focused on identifying and developing our coaching beliefs related to equity and access,

  • Experiences to deepen your mathematics content.

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About Us

Marta and Polly have over 60 years of combined experience in teaching, coaching and supporting schools, teachers and students. Together we founded and facilitate a monthly Online Professional Learning Network that supports math coaches. In addition to working with coaches, teachers and administrators, we, separately and together, facilitate math courses through multiple universities, work with researchers on the intersection of identity, equity and mathematics, run math book groups, and lead Math Learning Labs and Lesson Studies.  We tailor support for school personnel wherever they are in their mathematics practice, and have seen teachers and schools make life-changing shifts in their mathematics practices.  Reach out if you are interested in transforming your school’s mathematics program and mindset.  You will be happy you did!


What people say about us.

Marta’s facilitation ensured that all participants were focused on the learning, comfortable working with others, and willing to risk vulnerability with their peers.  Marta is skillful at leading conversations and making sure that the ideas of all are heard.  Moreover, participants expressed that they felt supported in the learning and their thinking was valued. The participants enjoyed each session and were always eager for the next!

District Math Leader



Transform your math coaching program today!

Feel free to contact and learn more details.

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