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This course has 8 sessions. An introduction, 6 content sessions and a closing session. Each session has a video component to facilitate your learning and accompanying handouts. Each session features a "Stop and Jot" document to allow you time to reflect and capture notes. You may wish to print the materials for each session prior to watching the session's video.

             We look forward to learning with you! 

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Maximizing the Power of Routines


In this course, you will have an opportunity to learn about how to maximize the power of math routines in your classroom. This course in grounded in these beliefs: *All students can do math, *All teachers can engage students in a productive math community, *All students have important mathematical ideas *Students need an opportunity to listen to others’ ideas and to have their ideas listened to *Equitable Participation is critical to this work and to the developing identities of students The course is composed of eight sessions ( including an introduction and closing) which will engage you in doing. math, analyzing student thinking and considering how to leverage practices and processes in your teaching. During the sessions, you will: *Explore using routines more effectively to engage students in mathematical ideas (content) *Analyze intentional choice and planning of routines to address specific math ideas (what are the ideas in math that I want to teach and which routines will help me get there) *Develop strategies for supporting students in applying math ideas learned in routines to other areas of math or math ideas. *Investigate how routines can foster classroom communities which impact positive math identities (community) *Reflect on how making intentional moves during routines to promote a culture of putting forth unfinished thinking vs emphasizing answer getting We look forward to our work together! Kaneka, Marta and Meredith

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